2021 – a look back

Like 2020, 2021 can probably best be described as a funny old year, but one thing that remained constant was a blog dropping from me of a Tuesday lunchtime.

Since introducing Catherine’s Corner’s Book Review in 2020 the strong commitment to a rant a week was already weakened. With fewer options to leave the house and for people to annoy me, that commitment slid further this year.

I have, however, moaned about the profession – maybe that’s a generous use of profession – of estate agents. And what’s great about that post, was it was joint top for views, alongside 2021 goals. Which does mean that the safe bet of a rant is where I should focus on.

For those keen on more stats, I can tell you I averaged 5 likes per post – or 258 in total – of which around 40 landed on lunches lull. This year, my best month for views was August – which received more than double the views of August 2020. This August might have been helped by having 5 Tuesdays, and therefore 5 posts. It also included the top post of the year, mentioned above. It did also include a post of me bragging about being a blood donor that can be given to babies, so maybe a touch more wholesome content should be needed!

However, not every post this year was that wholesome. At the end of March, I shared the saddest post of the year – highlighting the loss of my number one blog fan! But this year has also seen me gain new followers – 76 to be precise.

For 2022, let’s hope for more trips out so I can return to the solid ground of more rants!

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