Blackberry Winter

Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club returns for the last time this year.

And I’ve got to be honest, it’s probably in the top 3 of books I’ve read this year.

The book is set in Seattle. However, we have two lenses to view the book through which are 80 years apart.

In May, there is a snowstorm both in the modern view, and the 80-year-old view. In the past, a child goes missing and it seemingly isn’t investigated so our modern character takes on the role of trying to follow up on what happened in the case as a journalist.

What’s great about this approach is we learn about details that took place in the past through the modern research. There’s a strong focus on the wealth of the individual characters in the past and the challenging living conditions. That also exists in the modern worldview, but we do take on the topics of affairs and the death of a baby adding a gritty element to the current story too.

I will admit, once one of the twists was revealed I had worked out where the next twist was coming, but don’t let that detract from the overall value of the book. It’s a great read with some hidden layers and the chapters are the ideal length to read a whole one before bed without having to check how much further it is, but so gripping you are keen to read more than one.

If you’re struggling for Christmas present ideas, I’d strongly recommend adding Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio to your list as I don’t think you will regret the decision.

From winter to summer, next up I’ll be reading The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill – come back in the new year to hear more about it.

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