Cut the waffle

We’re on safe ground, a rant again this week.

I do like cooking, and a lot of that includes reading multiple recipes online for some inspiration. What, however, I do not like is reading someone’s life story just to get to the recipe.

While you might think I care about the first time you made the recipe, or how much your husband enjoyed it when you first met, I don’t.

I am interested in hearing about ways you sometimes customise the recipe. So, if you’re doing a basic banana bread and then pull out some of the mixture to add a hazelnut spread and create a marble cake, I want to know. But that’s about the only time I want you to deviate from the recipe.

It also annoys me, when it is a recipe that hides the ingredients within the method. I want to know at the start how many lemons are needed, I don’t want to read that I need the zest of one lemon to then get halfway through and discover that I need the juice of two.

So, I guess this blog is a plea to those who develop recipes to get to the point ASAP so I can get to the detail without the need for your life story.

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