Red and brown

A while back, I did a post that talked about banana balls and my idea of becoming a food influencer. Well, I’m not sure I’ve done enough to convince you of any other recipes.

To call today’s post a recipe would be a bit of a stretch!

But, it is a tip that will serve you well for the rest of your life. The next time you are asked whether you want ketchup or brown sauce, ask for both. I tend to use HP and Heinz but other condiments are available.

Then mix your red and brown sauce in a simple 50:50 ratio. I don’t know how many years I’ve been creating this condiment, but it is well worth it.

As a child, I’d regularly eat sausage and mash and the only sauce I would be interested in to go with it was ketchup and brown sauce.

As an adult, I do still eat sausage and mash with this red and brown combo – it’s also a firm favourite to go with a full English.

You might think this is an abomination to the sauce world, but I challenge you all to try this fruity, spicy creation and then decide if it is your new favourite.

Like all good product developments, the hardest part is deciding on a name. I’ve stuck to the Ronseal approach of just calling this red and brown, but if you’re feeling inspired and want to suggest a name so I can make this really catch on, please do let me know!

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