An axe to grind

I recently took a trip to the New Forest and I am absolutely buzzing as it has given me some content for the blog!

This one looks at a slightly bolder activity from the weekend – axe throwing.

I must admit, when we suggested that was what we could do, I pictured an axe that was used to chop wood and would be a two hand job. However, on arrival, it was clear this wasn’t the case.

But before we get there, let’s set the scene.

We drove through a village and down some country road before taking a sharp turn into the forest. The signs here could have been better, and then we took a trip to the car park. At this point, there was a slightly deserted feel to our location. A few steps down a very steep hill later and we turned into the site. There was a rustic style tent for shelter and the boys were pointed in a direction of a tree to use for the toilet.

We knew we’d signed up for a rural activity now!

Glen, the instructor, then did a demonstration of the axe throwing. In essence, it’s more of a dart-throwing action with the idea being the axe rotating through the air before hitting the target. In theory, it does a full 360 and lands perfectly.

Obviously, there can be steps forwards or backwards to create the space to make the rotation work but I’m pretty sure regardless of where I stood it was hitting the target handle first. I’m confident this means that if I was relying on axe throwing for my diet, meat free Monday would be more meat free forever!

I’d love to pretend that the image above is of mine landing in the target, but I wasn’t quite as successful.

If you’d love to relive my adventurous weekend, you can check it out here.

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