Wishes under the willow tree

For today’s blog post, we’re back at Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club.

This time, I’m reviewing Phaedra Patrick’s Wishes under the willow tree.

It’s set in a sleepy village village on the Moors where a man who runs a shop sees elements of his life unravelling. His wife has moved out, his assistant is about to go in for surgery so he is set for a short run solo in his shop.

Added to this, he is a big fan of comfort eating which is a theme that we return to multiple times throughout the book.

The other theme that runs throughout the book is gemstones and their meaning. Every chapter is titled by a stone and it touches on the meaning behind the stones. The central character then starts incorporating these stones into his jewellery design. But this is all spurred by the arrival of a relative in his life.

His niece has travelled solo from the US to escape her own troubles at home and puts herself on a path of improving the life of “Uncle Ben”, but all is not quite as it seems with her story and this causes Benedict to worry.

While it is a heart warming tale, I do think there is some room for improvement. The assistant who goes into surgery very quickly fades into the background and so it feels like that element of the book doesn’t quite get tied up like it should.

It’s still worth reading for a light hearted option, but don’t expect it to be the best book you have ever read.

Next up, I’ll be reading Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio. Tune in early December to see what I think.

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