It’s getting hot in here

Shock, horror! Today’s post’s emotion is not quite anger or rage which you will have come used to, but potentially excitement. I know. You’re in for a real treat.

You may remember a post about the farm’s heating system – if not, read it here.

Well for the eagle-eyed amongst you winter has arrived. Cold winds and swirling rain have seen us see the temperature drop.

But, I haven’t yet told you how the heating system works. So the wind blows and the turbine turns which generates electricity. Usually, any surplus is fed back into the grid. Not today. There’s a clip looking device on a wire which tells a sensor when there is surplus electricity and it’s diverted into a hot water tank. That hots up and then a thermostat lets the system know when to pump hot water around the radiators to keep the house warm. This is the first time the farm has had a thermostat – but that isn’t the only future part of the system.

It’s powered by renewables – how cool is that! Truth be told, there is a worry that there will be a snowy winter. For the weather fans amongst you, you may have noticed that when it’s snowy the wind tends to drop. Anyway, that detail is only a minor factor. During times where there is no wind, there is an oil tank to heat the water so we are covered!

Anyway, that’s the background covered. The system was tested this week. The wind was blowing hard on Thursday so I thought it was a good time to crank up the system and get the wind heating the water. The thermostat lives in the kitchen and I can see it’s 21 degrees and not due to turn on until we drop to 16 – we’re still on summer settings, don’t panic!

This was just before lunch and I could see we were pulling over 2kw to heat the water. A couple of hours later I decided it was time to go for a full test. Swap the thermostat to manual mode and have the water pumping around. And guess what, the radiators got hot! There was some need to bleed some of the radiators, but otherwise, the system worked.

Now it’s on, we just sit back and keep the house warm. Then on Saturday, the real moment of excitement happened. For the first time ever, the thermostat kicked the heating in. Who knew the future could be so impressive!

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