10 / 10

Despite the title suggesting this is a perfect experience, the reality is far from it.

A few months back, I bought some jeans from a well known high street store. I liked the fit so when the time came to upgrade my blue jeans I thought I’d go back to the same supplier.

Truth be told, I thought I’d get two pairs, one that are dubbed “mid rise” and one called high waisted.

Scrolling through the endless choice I order two pairs of jeans. Both are size 10 regular leg – the exact same as the black pair I’d worn only days before.

First up the mid rise jeans are out. Success they fit.

Next up the high waisted – the same size, skinny style and I think even denim fabric as the colour is identical to the mid rise. Yet, I struggle to get these up over my bum. Ego destroyed I pack them up and send them back to the supplier.

Having worn the mid rise for a few days, I’ve decided they’re better with a belt to help keep them up. So these really means the 10 is a tad too big, yet the other 10 was way too small.

I’m not saying everything’s perfect, but how can we survive on a sizing model where two very similar items should be so different? I’d be more forgiving if this was two different shops or even two different cuts like skinny jeans or culottes but there should definitely be more consistency on sizing – especially when for the last year we have had to rely on ordering online. I’d much prefer being confident it will fit when initially ordering.

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