Frivolous photo

The time has come for me to update my photo driving licence.

Having heard some of the stories of the DVLA backlog, I decided to crack on with a month or so to spare – I don’t want to be left being told I can’t get club entry as I don’t have a valid ID after all this time locked out, do I?

So I get myself onto the DVLA’s website to start the process of renewing my ID. Up comes a box to allow me to use the same photo as my passport.

What a time saver, I think, so I decide to tick the box. All I need to do is type in my passport number and the wizards behind the scenes will do the rest.

And so they did.

After a couple of days, my new driving licence has arrived. Clearly, this isn’t quite the end of the story as nothing in life goes that smoothly and becomes a blog topic!

Well, remember that passport photo I mentioned above? Guess what. It is exactly the same photo as I have on my current driving licence. Passport will be updated later in the year, but this means 36 year old Catherine will be using an ID with a child as the picture. Ok, maybe a teen, but I am 100% confident even copious amounts of botox wont keep my face looking like that of my driving licence.

So I have to ask myself, what did I get for my £14 upgrade of my licence? Aside from an extra union flag, I think the only real benefit is the pushing out of the deadline for a new one. Here’s hoping I don’t change address or name before then to go through the process again – at least then though the photo might be slightly more reflective of my face.

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