What a state

Genuine question: Is there a more incompetent profession than estate agents? If there is one, I’m pretty confident I will do everything in my power to avoid them.

Picture the scene, you’ve planned to move home to a new area so arrange a couple of viewings for the same day – wanna make the most out of those overpriced train fares!

I’m not saying a don’t trust estate agents but while walking from the station to the property, I thought I’d drop them a quick text to check we were still on for 3. At worst, I was expecting I’m running a little late but the reply actually shocked me.

“my apologies I had lost your number, unfortunately I can’t do the viewing since the tenant asked me to leave it for Monday. He is moving out on Monday. Would you be available for Monday?” I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that my reply lacked the usual politeness I give when dealing with other professionals, so let’s break this down a little.

Text wasn’t our only channel of communication – so even if he had lost my number, he could have done a little more to find it.

We agreed on Wednesday morning to have the viewing on Saturday afternoon. This gave him a whole 78 hours from agreeing to the viewing to the actual viewing. I also hate to wait about 24 hours from initial contact to getting it booked in, so I assumed he had used that to connect with the tenant, but no. I’m pretty sure the 100 hour gap from initial contact was sufficient time to check in with the tenant and to get back to me.

To compound this issue, the estate agent was aware that I was travelling in for the viewing – and initially, he wanted to do one evening (before Saturday) which obviously wouldn’t have been an option as the tenant was looking to move out on Monday and wanted viewings after that point, but let’s not worry about that detail.

However, this estate agent isn’t a rare find. As a job goes, people turn up with a house they’ve seen on the website they want to rent or buy. They show you around and you decide if you want to buy or rent or not. Then they fill out paperwork. Those looking to buy or rent do a lot of the sifting and heavy lifting so I can’t imagine it’s that hard of a job. Equally, how hard is it to let someone know you aren’t going to make a viewing or the house they wanted has now been sold or let?

It’s safe to say, I’m not looking forward to my next viewing.

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