Fibre flop

For those of you that enjoyed Fibre fail, you’ll be pleased to know this blog is the next instalment on this journey.

Long story short, we have been connected.

However, the hopes I had haven’t quite been met.

Pre-fibre, I was a steady 1mbps download speed. Slow and steady. Now we have an injection of pace. In the office, where it comes in it’s a super-fast 70. By the time it reaches me further round the house, the speed has stopped to closer to 40mbps.

I can’t complain, on paper,it is a lot faster. Sometimes, I don’t think those changes can always be seen on the page load speed.

The bigger problem comes with reliability. At least once a day, I now seem to experience a drop out of the internet. That would be fine if I wasn’t working from home and missing out on key details on calls. I thought the point of super-fast broadband was to make my life better. I’m not convinced after waiting for a million weeks after originally being told it was two weeks away it was worth it.

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