Somewhere beyond the sea

We’re back with a review for Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club.

Today, I’m reviewing Somewhere beyond the sea by Miranda Dickinson.

Like other books I’ve reviewed, this book flips between two main characters as the perspective we see the world through. This is a single female and a single male. I’ll let you decide if this could possibly be a love story.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of St Ives, the beach features heavily in the book. Both in the descriptions and where life events seem to happen.

Seren, the female lead, finds her life at a bit of a crossroads. Her father recently died and she’s taken on his shop and a campaign he was running to protect the memory of a local astronomer. Her loyalty to her dad sees her desire to do well, but as the campaign runs on she starts to have doubts and worries that winning might not be best.

Jack, the male leads, finds himself near rock bottom. His wife dead suddenly and he lost his home. Work in the building trade slows and he is worrying about how he can provide for his young daughter and find the stability he needs to move forward. Then an opportunity to work on a new development in town arises. The problem is he’s working for a perceived monster in the town and he needs to get them onside for the town vote.

It’s the vote on whether to protect the astronomer or build new homes where Jack and Seren meet. Although rivals in the meeting, the pair speak briefly after the vote and begin the realise the vote has more meaning to both of them.

This is a good read – probably one for the beach. Although lots of grief features in the book, it’s an easy read. It lacks the grip of a thriller to be a real page turner, but definitely one that’s good enough to add to your read list.

Next up, we have Critical Incidents by Lucie Whitehouse.

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