I’ve Ad Enough

I know what you’re thinking – this kid who never proofreads her blogs has missed the typo in her headline. Well, you’re wrong – I’m also aware I’ve gone back to capitalising every first letter when I had changed into sentence case. But let’s not make this about spelling and grammar.

No today’s post is about adverts.

More specifically adverts for games.

What I don’t understand is why actual gameplay isn’t used for the advert. I can see why some games need to add a little jazz for a TV advert, but if you’re an in-game advert and need to do this, then how good is your game really?

I play gardenscapes – it’s got a similar game to Candy Crush where you beat levels to collect stars which are then traded up to renovate the garden – however – when watching the advert for the game you’d think this is something entirely different and it’s more like a strategy game and you have to work out how to fix some of these issues.

I’m happy with the game as it is, so advertise it as it is.

This isn’t my main gripe though – as I was tempted to download a new game the other day. It didn’t last 2 minutes before I decided to delete it. I thought it was a kinda maths-based strategy game – I’d have a number of blocks and could stack or spread them to build an “army” to fight off other groups of blocks. This looked like it could fill the odd train journey. As you know, it didn’t take long to be deleted.

That’s because the blocks didn’t exist. It was a battle game where I was to spend money building up an army. The actual visuals of the game weren’t great – so maybe they should have stuck to blocks.

This short-lived download leads me to the question of why. Why put time and effort into making a game to then develop something else to create an advert from? Why trick me into downloading something I don’t want to then quickly delete it? Why not create the game from the advert as you clearly think it is good enough to attract a download?

I’m no app expert, but I would have thought using your own game to promote downloads of your game would be sensible. You don’t see the BBC using badminton to promote Wimbledon, do you?

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