Fibre Failure

In hindsight, this is a blog I should have written a long time ago. Mostly because I could have done three or four follow-ups which would have helped fill the stream of content needed to get through the pandemic.

Our story begins back when the pandemic begins – you can really see why this should have started sooner.

A man in his van turned up to the farm one day, a couple of colleagues joined him a few minutes later and we have a gang of workers ready to link us up to fibre.

After a while, it’s confirmed that we’ll be on fibre in two weeks. The men in the van drive off and we expect to see some progress. The fact this blog is being written a good few months after the pandemic started, we can be sure that two weeks later wasn’t the date we would be connected.

I’m not entirely sure when we were told this, but a separate group of people came out, looked at the work that had been done and told us it was done wrong and it needed to be reworked. The deadline then moved to Christmas – still a good few months to go.

As you can predict, Christmas came and went and I can confirm, Santa didn’t bring me any fibre.

However, the story continues.

A couple of weeks back – in the scorching heat – three more men turned up and fixed the apparent mess we had. We were then told we could book in the engineers to do the inside work.

That date was last Friday.

But before we get there, they were coming out to my uncle – the closest house to my south and my cousin’s – the closest house to my west. These were on different days. My uncle’s connection failed – some excuse was given about the external work not being complete and as an interior engineer, he couldn’t fix it.

I’m not sure what excuse my cousin got but his connection also failed.

At this point, we’re hoping for third time lucky. As I mentioned this was last Friday so you’ll be pleased to hear I can tell you what happened.

This won’t take long though. No one showed. I don’t have an excuse.

I do, however, have an email with the date for a follow-up appointment. This mentions a note. There is a potential 130 quid penalty charge if we fail to let the engineer in. I’m not sure if they’ll pay me 130 quid for the time I wasted on Friday waiting for an engineer to arrive. Especially now restrictions have lifted so I can actually leave the house.

Naturally, there will be a follow-up post about the fibre saga – I just hope then it is a quick upload as I have been connected.

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