Back with a bite

We’re back in safer territory with a rant today.

This time it is insects.

Obviously, lockdown has seen fewer cars on the road – which also means there’s been fewer insects have been killed by cars.

This, I feel, has seen them return with vengeance.

I’ve always been attractive to insects so attract the odd bite, but oh my, have they been bad this year. So bad in fact that last week I bought insect repellent.

I’ve had a couple of bits that not only have they been itchy, but they’ve become swollen and the skin discoloured – an angry red. I was bitten 10 days ago on the back of my thigh – it is still red. Still. I’ve taken anti-histamines to try and calm it down, but I think the insects know this is their last chance to inflict pain before we open up and more are victims to cars.

And what’s worse. Summer is still new. I am not looking forward to more bites and stings.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact so animals have been able to thrive while our lives have been restricted and insects – not just bees – are crucial pollinators, but last time I checked I wasn’t a flower so I don’t really need to get involved with them and they don’t need to get involved with me.

What also annoys me, is the way I am around them. Put a bird in my vicinity and I’m jumpy – really not a fan, have a wasp buzzing around and I calmly sit there in the hope that if I don’t annoy them, they won’t annoy me. Obviously, the rest of our six-legged friends need to get a similar memo and leave me alone.

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