A blooming good idea

This might be the post where you think I’m no longer mid-twenties, but more mid-life crisis.

I recently signed up to a flower subscription service. Yes, you did read that right.

And what’s not to like? As you don’t know what’s arriving, despite it being a gift from me to me it still has the element of mystery.

I like flowers, hence the desire to sign up, so I can be pretty confident even if it isn’t a bouquet I would choose it will still add some brightness to my vase.

And there’s more to it than that – who doesn’t love getting a parcel in the post. I didn’t remember the exact date they were arriving so when the email arrived with my delivery details there was the rush of excitement that comes with parcels.

If you asked me for my favourite flower, I’d probably say Gerbera. This little gem of a subscription gives me the details of the flowers in the bunch, so I might be able to branch out into a couple of other flowers when asked for my favourites.

The only downside is cut flowers die – but they require less maintenance than houseplants, that also often die!

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