Lunches Lull

Over a year of predominantly eating at home, and I’ve reached lunches lull territory.

Prior to the old pandemic, I’d either have leftovers for lunch or pop to the shop and get a treat. This could include, a panini, salad, sausage roll, toastie, sandwich, soup, pasta pot and a whole manner of things that catch my eye.

But one thing I’ve really gone off lately is the basic bread sandwich. You know the one. You pull out your loaf that works well for toast and for sandwiches but after so many, it’s lost its appeal. I quite often mix this up with wraps, pittas or paninis, but I really worry that the basic bread sandwich has had its peak.

I’ve got a couple of trips into the office on the horizon where I will have the crippling fear of where to go to lunch as choice returns. But I know I won’t be going to the supermarket to pick up two slices of basic bread, with less filling than you really desire. No shit sandwiches coming here.

The low of the bread game has even seen me buy a book that’s just about sandwiches. But the more I dig into it, the filling isn’t the problem, but the bread. This journey has lead me to bake my own foccacia as an alternative. Truth be told, the pan I used to cook it in was a little too wide and the subsequent bread depth was a little too shallow to cut in half to fill and a little too wide making it a doorstop sandwich.

I’m hoping the infrequent trips to the office to break up the planning of lunch will inspire some new creations and bring some much needed variety into my diet so that basic bread sandwiches can return. However, if you have any suggestions for a better lunch, hit me up in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Lunches Lull

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