Shakey Reiki

With life opening up a tad, inspiration can slightly be drawn from activities again!

This week, I’m looking at a trip to have some Reiki. Truth be told, I wasn’t that convinced it would have any impact, but thought I’d give it a go as it came in a bundle with a hot stone massage – which avid readers know are good.

Following the massage, the Reiki began. I had been told some people feel hot, others cold and some nothing at all I was wondering what to expect.

The process of Reiki is essentially light touch on different parts of the body designed for physical and emotional healing. I’m sure like me, you think how can light touch have much of an impact?

Well, I start and the thoughts running through my head are very much, what is this? What did I agree to such a weird treatment? Truth be told, I was also hella self-conscious of the belly rumbles that signalled it was time for tea and biscuits and was wondering if that was going to throw her off her stride.

Then she moves from the head to my right arm and I sense a really strong pulse in my stomach. I wasn’t told to expect this but thought it was odd. She stood here for some time and my belly kept pulsing. Naturally, I’m thinking this is odd but when stressed I often feel sick, so maybe that’s why the pulse was strong there. I don’t know if that’s what the plan is but certainly something I noticed.

The treatment continues and she moves to touch my feet. The pulsing sensation has then moved into my neck. I’m also then convinced my head is slightly twisted and I’m not lying straight! But I know that I am. I know. It’s odd. The main reason I booked the massage was because I hold all tension in my back and shoulders and there were some BIG knots to get rid of. The left side of my traps was particularly bad, but I felt I was more leaning towards the right. I’m not entirely sure why this was going through my head – or indeed if it is related at all – but that’s not a sensation I usually notice when lounging about.

It’s hard to tell whether Reiki was the cause of these sensations, but since having the treatment I haven’t noticed the same pulsing feeling or a concern by head wasn’t on straight. This makes me think this was the cause. Whether this has had a long term effect on emotional or physical wellbeing I’m not convinced.

That said, I do think it is a great way to end a massage treatment as you lie back and relax some more so it’s definitely something I’ll consider having again.

2 thoughts on “Shakey Reiki

  1. Did you talk to your practitioner afterwards about what those sensations were? They should be able to answer your questions to the best of their abilities to do so. If, they know the answer. Sometimes they may not.

    The pulsing feelings could have just been the energy coursing through your body. Since you said you have feel sick often, could be why they energy went to your belly. The belly is home to many organs, depending on the location. It can also be connected to the solar plexus chakra.

    Being able to feel this pulsing, could be the result of your own sensitivity to feel energy. Those who are more sensitive to energy may feel it more. Which, could also be a reason as to why you feel sick often. Depending on whether there is a medical reason, or that you are sensitive to the environment and you feel it in your gut. Such as a gut feeling.


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