Hold on

I wanted to take the time to talk about a recent time spent on hold.

This “recent time” is a long time – but don’t worry, I won’t make this post take as long to read as the time I spent on hold – mostly because you’ll have lost the will to live by the end, much like I had.

I received post requiring action to be taken, however, I was unable to take action so needed to give them a call to make a note on the system. I’m really hoping the delay in answering the call was related to a load of people calling up about the new action and not an example of really poor customer service.

By 23 minutes in the queue, I had the hold music pretty much nailed down. The frequent interruptions telling me my call is important and someone was coming didn’t dent my enthusiasm to sing along to the tune – which admittedly, could do with a little jazzing up.

45 minutes in, I was still unable to break the cycle. I called an hour before lunch would be ready and the jittery feeling that I wouldn’t have even reached the front of the queue before food was on the table.

However, 4 minutes before the hour was up and I was through to an actual, real-life human. Praise the Lord I am making progress.

This excitement was, sadly, short-lived. A minute into the chat and the dreaded words were uttered “I’ll need to check with someone”. And there we are – back on hold.

There is a glimmer of hope in this tale, the tune was different. It had a slightly more space-age vibe but still not something I wanted to listen to for too long.

Quickly, the hold music was cancelled, a slight error on their end saw me cut off. Thankfully, she took my number and called me back. And here is the problem. The call back facility is available so why did I waste 56 minutes on hold, when the call back could have been an option 54 minutes ago.

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