The Little Pieces of You and Me

We’re back on a book review for Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club!

This time, I’ve been reading The Little Pieces of You and Me. This book gives us the sense of adventure that we’re lacking in lockdown.

The book has a small character pool which gives us a real in-depth look into their personalities – especially as the two female leads see their worlds fall apart slightly.

The book see Isla’s love and enthusiasm for adventure and challenges diminish on hearing about a life altering health condition. She does, however, still want to have that sense of adventure, but opts to live it through her best friend, Sophie. The challenge, is Sophie doesn’t have that same hunger. Her life is quiet, settled and on a set path, but she too has a curveball thrown in her direction.

Their friendship is a strong foundation for this read, it has a sprinkling of romance on top too. Overall, it has a light-hearted feel to it despite the strong health theme running throughout.

This is definitely a book that uses dark times to bring up the light times along the way. Well recommended for a a quick read during lockdown. I enjoyed the uplifting nature so much I’d be tempted to put more reads by Vanessa Greene on my to read list.

Next up, I’ll be reading and reviewing the Country Set by Fiona Walker. Check back here in about a month to see what I think!

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