Vacancy: number one fan

I’ve ummed and aahed about writing this post, worrying that it wasn’t the right time or that I wouldn’t do it well enough. But I’ve decided there will never be the perfect to write it so it’s best to just do it.

A vacancy has arisen to be the number one fan on my blog – and no that’s not because content has taken a nosedive during lockdown but because my dad suddenly passed away before Christmas.

Having lived with dad for the last 9 months, I was treated to the first-hand experience of him reading a post. I work from home and sit in the living with the hope of getting good enough wifi to join video calls. This, however, meant once dad has clocked off the farm he was sat with me looking to chat. I finished later than him so he would entertain himself catching up on Whatsapp messages filled with jokes from his day. One day I had a lot to do so knew I’d be stretching the hours and dad was sitting giggling away at his laptop. So I rather directly told him to share the joke. Turns out he was reading my latest blog post! I wasn’t really able to argue with that.

On another occasion, he finished reading a post and proudly told me it was a good one and he was going to read it again for the hidden message! I never knew there was so much depth to my rants!

However, Dad’s love of my blog didn’t start when I returned to living at home. Often, I’d receive an email replying to my latest post with a simple “good one”. His interest sometimes spilled over to our weekly skype catch up – yes we were doing video calls before they were a daily occurrence for everyone! And once we’d covered off what we had done that week, we’d discuss my latest blog post with Dad chipping in his thoughts and insights.

It must be said, every post wasn’t a hit with him. I think the number of books dad has read in his lifetime could be counted on one hand so a book review wasn’t going to get him excited. MFM, which most of us call Meat Free Monday was an acronym added to his dictionary following my blog series, but not a lifestyle choice he was prepared to follow.

Avid readers of my blog will have read plenty about dad’s influence over the years, and while he’s not here to directly feature in future, you can be sure his influence will continue to shine!

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