Things My Mother Told Me

That’s right, we’re back on a Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club post. This time, I’ve read Things My Mother Told Me by Tanya Attapatu.

The book opens with a relationship breakdown. After 10 years of dating, the lead character finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on. Naturally this sets the scene for some great internal discussions and sole searching.

Anjali doesn’t have the best relationship with her mother or older sister and this new found singledom, not only sees her searching for meaning in love, but a renewed sense of focus on her family.

This doesn’t come without her challenges. Her mum and dad came to the UK when she was young but they still return to Sri Lanka to keep close connections to her extended family. This in itself brings forward Anjali’s worries on identity. Growing up in Bristol, she only speaks English so feels more disconnected from her family and some of their culture focuses.

But as the book starts with a break-up, the strong thread running through the book is getting over Jack. This sees both meaningless flings and arranged dates as her mum remains keen to see her settle down with a doctor.

Overall, this is a book that covers a lot of ground. The author is a doctor specialising in psychiatry. This really helps the telling of the story of Shanthi, Anjali’s older sister who struggles with the demons and voices in her head. From love to loss and sailing to business owning the book reaches into a lot of topics as Anjali starts to work out what path her life should be on.

A good, heart warming read that would be a good companion to any summer holiday. Next up I will be reading, The Little Pieces of You and Me by Vanessa Greene – check in next month to see the review!

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