The Last Horseman

We’re back for a session with Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club. Today I’m reviewing The Last Horseman by David Gilman.

For those of you that read The Valley you’ll know that military books aren’t my usual go-to genre, however, The Last Horseman had more to it than the Boers war.

The book is split between Ireland and South Africa. While the bulk of the focus is in South Africa and on the war, we start in Ireland as we build a few of the key characters and know a little more about them.

While the book is set during a war, it is essentially a story about a father who is looking for his son who has fled to reach the war effort. The father is a high profile, if not controversial lawyer who had previously fought in a war. After his son goes missing, he calls around his contacts to learn he is off to join the war effort.]

The son’s arrival in South Africa doesn’t quite go as well as planned as he struggles for food, water and to find the right side of the war effort. There are a few moments where it looks increasingly clear he is going to lose his life.

Through forging alliances and trading information, both father and son make their way through the war effort but still struggle to reach each other. The meeting of a prostitute as well as a humanitarian help both of them closer to each other.

I’m not going to tell you how it ends because it is well worth a read and contains a few more turns than I can really convey in this post. The other value from the read comes from the minor characters who pop up from time to time who have their own agendas and complicated relationships with the primary characters.

Check back in the middle of March to read my take on Things My Mother Told Me by Tanya Atapattu

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