Click, click, click and collect

In a post of the past, I wrote about a recent checkout experience – namely scan as you shop – and that was before lockdown made inspiration hard to come by!

Well, today, I’m using another checkout experience as the topic for my blog. Yes, this time it’s the hot new trend – click and collect.

The pandemic has changed many habits, and endless queueing at the checkout has now been replaced with selecting a pickup slot. I have to admit, though, I’d still prefer to scan as I shop than to use click and collect.

Click and collect is at it’s best when you’re ordering all the usual suspects of your basket, you can scroll through your favourites and add them to your basket. However, I’m the kind of shopper who likes to pop something new into my shopping every now and then. I’ll quite often write “pudding” on my list and see what takes my fancy when walking around the store. That’s not quite as easy online.

That said, at the end a list of offers does appear and these are slightly more tailored based on what I usually buy. This means I might be tempted to pop something new in but these could end up more in the impulse category than a planned treat.

Once the order is complete, the click part is done. This just allows for the collect part of click and collect.

I’ve done this on three occasions and none have been the same.

The first was at “the pod”, the number of my order typed in and baskets flung their way to me, I just had to open the door, pull out the contents and take them to the boot. This seemed pretty cool, but I did notice that one of the pizzas had been substituted for one I was less excited about. The attendant hadn’t mentioned anything about substitutions at the start so I just carried on regardless.

The second collection was at a slightly different location – we drove up, and the shopping was placed in trays at the boot and then we loaded it into the car. This didn’t contain all the swish gadgets but with two members of staff and plenty of parking space, it was well suited to a rush of customers.

Trip three saw a return to the pod. This time the three loading bays were filled with cars when we arrived. So we couldn’t get in as quick, but after waiting in turn we were granted access to the machine to get our shopping. Here, we were asked if our substitutions were all ok and they were so we loaded the car and left.

It has to be said, the time out the house is quicker when using click and collect, and the shops have been cheaper as I’ve seen less temptation but I can’t see this being my shop of choice for the future. When restrictions are lighter and more social mixing is encouraged, I’ll return to scanning as I shop, but as for tomorrow, I’ll be back to the store to collect my clicking.

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