Body in The Marsh

It’s a slightly quicker return to a book review than normal.

But this is to give you time to purchase it in time for Christmas, in case a bumper guide of gifts idea wasn’t enough!

Body in The Marsh by Nick Louth saw us return to safer ground this year for Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club.

By that I mean, it was a murder mystery.

It starts off with a missing person but there are soon signs that this person is dead. But there is still plenty of mystery.

I think the part of this book that I liked the most was the level of intellect of the criminals. It was a crime that was very well planned and real signs of chess-like step ahead thinking.

But this particular crime wasn’t the only focus of the book. It is also set with a backdrop of a previous failed investigation into Girl F. And the prime suspect had been very critical of how the police had handled that crime.

The plot grew ever thicker as the victim was a previous girlfriend of the lead detective. There’s a lot happening in this book, which helps to make it a real page turner.

This becomes a challenge when reading it before bed and wanting to do one more chapter but knowing that the chapter will take too long. But if that’s the main criticism, it’s a pretty good bet.

The first review of 2021 will be Hold by Michael Donkor.

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