Lockdown Birthday

I’m not sure how many posts this year have focused on lockdown, but here we are with another.

This week I celebrate my birthday, but like many things this year, it’s not the same as normal.

In September, when life started to look like it was back on track, I decided to book a couple of days off work so I could spend my birthday in London and having dinner and drinks with different groups of friends.

Or, in the unlikely event that the clubs would have reopened, I could cope with a two-day hangover.

Shortly after making that decision, the rule of 6 came in. This meant the original plan of lots of dinners was perfect. I could see different friends over a couple of nights and have a decent catch-up on what we’ve not done and where we’ve not been due to the pandemic.

But then, the tier system was brought in and more restrictions impacted London. Suddenly, this plan looked less good.

However, I like people with birthdays in March, April, May and June of this year find myself celebrating in lockdown.

This means, I’ll be at home eating takeaway to mark the passing of another year – here’s hoping I won’t be celebrating in a similar fashion next year!

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