Spice up your life

As much as this could be a tribute post to 5 women who hit fame in the 1990s, it isn’t.

No, today I’m focusing on the little packets of spice you can get sent in the post.

As I mentioned in lockdown lexicon, my parents have been introduced to some new words while I have been at home.

I’ve tried to cook a different dish every Saturday which becomes more challenging the longer I am home. I’ve been quite creative by opting to do brunch dishes for lunch and have a catalogue of recipes I want to try.

But sometimes, you try a recipe and it is grim. You can usually mitigate against this by picking ones that look nice and have a set of safe ingredients. But what happens when you decide to try something new and it’s the tablespoon you need but the ingredient is sold in 100ml bottles. You have to hope it is nice or is something that can be used in other dishes and be hidden.

This is where these little spice packs come in. You get the spice mix you need to create the dish. If good, you can sort again, if less good you don’t have any new ingredients to shuffle around in the cupboards.

I’ve tried a couple of these since being home, cooking up a katsu curry and chicken tikka with homemade mango chutney. These have been dishes I probably would have tried before but with the safety net of the spice pack behind them.

I’ve tried a few different brands and am yet to try the recent delivery from Simply Cook. There are a few dishes in there that the ingredient list might have put me off before, so hopefully, they taste good. These are probably the nicest packaging – if not a little excessive – out of all the kits we’ve tried. So let’s hope the flavour meets the expectation.

I’d like to point out, this isn’t an ad, I’m yet to get freebies to discuss on here. But if anyone would like to change that, I’m open to conversations!

5 thoughts on “Spice up your life

      1. Honestly I’ve never looked. I live near a store that has an amazing spice collection so I always end up buying jars. But I love the idea of little bits


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