Regressing to a teen

Way back when working from home – season 1 was first announced I moved home.

Over 6 months later. I’m still here.

At first, it almost felt like I was on study leave from school and that within a couple of weeks I’d be back to normal. But now, it looks as though it will be another few months that I live at home.

This almost feels like I’m returning to being a teenager. Where we live, it’s a drive to the pub type location. This means a big boozy night out (obviously before the 10pm curfew) is unlikely. I either need to go sober, or get mum and dad to give me a life – like you used to do before you could drive. I could get a taxi but given they need to drive from the nearest town and back again you pay an arm and a leg for a short journey!

But it’s not just the lack of boozing that’s changed.

When at school, art and design were part of the curriculum but once I’d left school, I pretty much left it behind. But painting by numbers has been a part of my activities.

Another big change is Netflix. Before going off to University, I didn’t have a Neflix account. Although I do still have my account, I now very rarely watch it. It’s pretty much reserved for weekends of a morning. This doesn’t really lend itself to binge watching all the hit shows, so do forgive me if I no longer get your Caroline Baskin jokes.

I’m not saying all aspects of my life have changed and I’m basically a teenager again, but lockdown has certainly seen the path of life change.

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