Basic Bureaucracy: Part 2

There’s nothing like a two-part series of annoyance for writers who are struggling to come up with blog topics!

If you haven’t read the first part, do so here.

Our story continues with a trip from the postman. He has delivered me some post. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this is my temporary password. But no, that would be too easy.

This was a letter telling me they couldn’t process my request as I didn’t have an online account. Which is odd, as I got into this mess as I couldn’t open my online account because I already had one.

So, I thought, it was best to give them a call. After a short wait, I was through to Sara and her thick Liverpool accent. I explained to Sara the situation so far and the feeling that I was going around in circles. She understood my concern and wanted to help.

After giving her my account number, twice, she thought we were making process and offered to set me up with a new password online at the time. I thought this was fab and the process was going to move forward. She explained they had to perform a soft credit check to then get me to confirm details. 

After telling her where certain accounts and cards were open with, she told me she couldn’t verify my identity so couldn’t reset my password. I’m pretty sure I got all the questions right, but never mind.

The next step was to send me a temporary password in the post – suddenly, this all felt very familiar.

A couple of days later and post arrives. Much excitement. But like the hope of days before, this was misplaced.

I was left with a form asking me which detail to request. By now, I was fed up as I had received this before.

But not wanting to admit defeat, I called again. This time just before lunch. And it seems I wasn’t the only one wanting to sort things out around Friday lunchtime. This time after a 20 odd minute wait I was through to George. I again, start by explaining the challenges I have been facing and the latest instalment.

George admits this is a bit of a mess. Feels like he was downplaying it slightly. He asked if I’ve had to sign anything to which I say no. We explore a few other options – including getting him to send out a form I already have – before he decides the best course of action is to put me on hold and confer with a colleague.

This was new. Outsider help had so far not been requested.

But it seemed it was going to make progress. George could email someone to bypass the postal form and get a temporary password out to me.

I was grateful, but at this point not getting my hopes up. The next Saturday, a letter arrived. Opening it with fear, it became clear progress could be made. I had a temporary password.

Upon inputting it, I was prompted to create a new one. And I thought I was there.

I go to open my new account, get to page 4 of 4 of the form and it doesn’t load correctly and I’m left with an error message. Failed at the final hurdle.

But, I try once more. This time; success. The account is open and money has been requested to move. They won’t process this request until after the 5th of September – a strong 7 weeks after I first tried to open this account.

Please cross your fingers and toes for me, but I think this saga may be over.

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