Listen to the crowd

We’ve become used to life being a little different during lockdown and sport is one area that has been heavily impacted. Once closed, now it’s left behind closed doors – although some are starting to let crowds back in.

I’m focusing today’s post on one particular sport – and not one that is known for it’s the crowd. Snooker.

Over the last few weeks, the 2020 World Snooker Championships have been taking place. And after the crowd joined on the first day, rules changed and the played the majority of games behind closed doors.

Not wanting to “miss out” on crowd sounds, canned clapping was prepared. The interesting details around the clapping were how it changed throughout the tournament.

Clearly, the person in charge of the button gained confidence and was happier clapping for a good shot or frame winning break. At first, it was more awkward clapping a couple of seconds after the frame had been won.

But it’s here where you noticed that crowds don’t just clap. The “ooo” “aah” of the crowd had been lost by lockdown. Ordinarily, I don’t know how much I notice the sound of the crowd, but when you don’t have it you really notice that it isn’t there.

This is all done through the lens of a sport which is known for being quiet and respectful. Other sports, rugby and football spring to mind, are far more than claps and “ooos” but they have chants and songs which are a key part of bringing the atmosphere of the event for those at the event. I’m not sure when cheering crowds will be able to return to sport but it’ll be interesting to see how the crowd sound continue to evolve.

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