We’re all going

In the words of Cliff Richard, we’re talking about summer holidays.

This time, a holiday taking place in the middle of a pandemic.

This is through the lens of spikes in parts of Europe, Australia, and the US so options to holiday seem limited, but the UK has plenty of beauty spots.

A group of friends and I from school recently took a trip to Bakewell, Derbyshire. This is nestled in the heart of the UK’s oldest national park, the peak district.

The plan was for a hiking based holiday. If anyone knows much about the English weather, it’s something that can’t be trusted. So, naturally, there was a heatwave during our visit.

We arrived after work on Friday and took a trip to the local supermarket for the essentials and breakfast food before enjoying a drink or two before bed.

The next morning, we were treated to breakfast in the garden enjoying the weather. We took a trip into town to explore and buy the traditional Bakewell tart “when in Rome and all that”. Following a refilling of the water bottles and marinading of the chicken for dinner, we were all set for our hike of the day – with a stop in the pub planned of course. Naturally, after 45 minutes we realised we were heading in the wrong direction.


After regrouping and a trip back to the house we were off on our hike – and the right way this time – taking in river views, baaing at sheep, and dodging cowpats. Other walkers were out and enjoying the views the peak district had to offer. At the top of Monsal Head, we had the chance to stop for a spot of food.

A lovely pub and hotel were able to fill our bellies and water bottles before we took a glimpse of the best view on the route.


We then ventured on one of the busiest parts of the route as we began the second half of the route. Clearly, walkers come in both directions to catch a glimpse of the viaduct.

The journey down also included details about newt conversation projects in the area and more chances to take in the views.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details about our trip – who knows when I might need to drag out more information for a part two anyway – but wanted to leave you with some passing thoughts.

The term “staycation” has been bandied about a lot lately as people start to consider other options to flying for their holidays. But this shouldn’t need to be a new trend. There’s plenty of options for beauty, beach or city breaks within the bounds of this island.

As a child, I used to travel to the seaside where the height of entertainment was carrying water from the sea up the beach. This kind of simple pleasure is more than achievable wearing coats and jumpers too. If we’re happy to sit outside in the rain during a BBQ, we shouldn’t need to demand a week-long heatwave for a holiday in the UK. Good company and some parts of entertainment are all you need for an enjoyable break.

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