I’ve been to the pub

You know it’s weird times when going to the pub has become something to blog about. But here we are!

About 10 days ago pubs, bars and restaurants were opened in England. Dubbed Super Saturday because large swathes of the economy were all opening at once, the headlines the next day confirmed drunk people aren’t too good at keeping 2 meters apart.

That said, mum, dad and I decided to go to one of the village pubs near us for some pub grub on Wednesday evening. Pre-lockdown I was the type of person to be out more nights than I was in so the change in pace has made going to the pub feel like a brand new experience.

And there certainly were new processes in place. Having re-located to the countryside for lockdown any trip to the pub involves driving. So we drove up and into the car park where the signs were on the floor directing us into the pub. Upon arrival, there was a sticker on the floor telling us to wait. To the right was some hand sanitiser and a QR code to scan.

So we sanitised and scanned the QR code. We were then shown to our table – no loitering the bar to get a drink. At the table, we filled in our contact details and reviewed the menu.

Our drinks order was then taken and when those arrived we gave our food order – not that dissimilar to a usual pub experience. Following this our food arrived, naturally I asked for some mayo. This came in a little tub that would probably be binned after I used it as it was made from plastic and with a lid on when it arrived.

Nothing else was that different. The pub was a little emptier than usual, but it was also a Wednesday night a couple of days after restrictions opened so not totally surprising that people aren’t out in full force. The lack of a buzz around the bar was noticeably absent – but again, this isn’t a crowded bar for Friday drinks after a busy work week so maybe not the best test.

I’m just glad hints of normality can start to be returned to our lives!

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