How far?

It’s been a while since there has been a classic Catherine’s corner rant. And despite a lot of debate around Mr Cummings’ trip to Durham, I’m on about a different distance. Instead of 260m, I’m on about 2m.

For quite a while now, we’ve been told to keep 2m apart to help slow the spread. We were also told where possible to work from home. Now we are in the slightly grey-er messaging stage where we start to unlock the country. Some extra exercise is allowed and there’s a suggestion more people can go back to work.

But today’s blog is more focused on the 2m distance seen or not seen on the TV. I’m not going to call out names like BBC Breakfast, The One Show or Loose Women but shows where there is more than one person hosting creates an instant social distancing challenge. Arguably a lot of these shows could be done with a single host – the banter between Louise and Dan is not the primary reason I tune in.

Early on in the new normal, Dan and Louise split out a little bit, but then following some messages the gap widened. But is this still really two metres? I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in distance or even depth perception when a camera can lie, but surely better safe than sorry?

Could they not put between them some objects to help us visualise the distance when we are in the shops or even sit 3m apart so that we get used to it being a bit further apart so when we inevitably underestimate this when we are out we’re closer to 2m than 1m or even less. Despite the debate taking place this week on what difference 2m or 1m makes if the current guidance remains 2m let’s make sure the TV channels are nailing this gap.

I’m not going to turn this post about some of the issues with TV reporting of full streets over D-Day or regular reports coming from inside hospitals which are seemingly possible to do from outside or even at home because this could work for a future lockdown blog. But we must make sure our TVs are setting the best possible example when it comes to the 2m distance. This is particularly important when so much of our lives are now without usual entertainment so screen time is increasing.

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