Dead if you don’t

We’re back in CCBC – a lockdown read.

This was a bit of a thriller. This month, I’ve read Dead if you don’t by Peter James.

There’s a mention of a bomb plot and a kidnapping within the first paragraphs which sets the tone for the pace of the book early on.

This book gets a plus point because it has short chapters. This means you can get a few chapters under your belt of an evening before bed, and that’s handy because it is one of the meatier books I’ve reviewed in lockdown.

Each chapter references a time frame and we have a number of different storylines running alongside each other but as the chapters are short we can quickly dart between bomb plot, kidnapping and more without getting lost in the different topics and geographies.

I also rate the detail taken to explain the actions of the police with a nod to rules and regulations as this helps to keep some of the more flamboyant police actions under control which can sometimes creep into a crime drama.

This is probably one of the better books to be reviewed on CCBC so I’d recommend this is added to your reading list if you’re looking for some lockdown entertainment.

Next up, I’ll be reviewing The Long Call by Ann Cleeves.

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