Bird Cam

I think I’ve mentioned before but for lockdown I’ve returned to the countryside where the internet is a little bit slower.

This has resulted in a few lifestyle changes – most notably the choice on things to watch on TV. A few years back, for a birthday present my mum got a bird box with a webcam in it. This year, mum was despondent as she thought the next box was going to be empty.


However, we spent a good few weeks watching a great tit build her nest. And this weekend we watched 5 great tit chicks hatch. Little did we know, the mum ate the shell of the eggs as the chicks hatched out.

We now watch as she comes in and feeds her young and grow in the nest. This entertainment will only last for a couple of weeks before they fledge the nest and we have an empty box to return to.


But there are a couple of things I can confirm already. They’re pretty ugly babies. Not sure hairless birds can be attractive, but they aren’t going to win any beauty contests. The parents are nearly always shuffling on the nest – not sure how uncomfortable it is but she’s always bobbing her head down and looking after them. And finally, probably a point we can all agree with – they get very excited when they see her bob through the hole and know they’re about to get fed.

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