Jump and jive

This is another one of the activities I’ve taken up to pass the time while in lockdown. And unfortunately for the dog, it’s not one that is done alone.

When Misty was a puppy, I had exams to revise for and, naturally, I decided that teaching her to play dead was a good use of my time. This also helps boost her cute credentials, as if she needed any help here!

Well, now we’re in lockdown and Misty is 9. I’m sure there is a saying about not being able to teach and old dog new tricks, but we’ve got plenty of time and dog treats so the possibility is there.

As she already has the key skills of sit, stay, shake, roll over, beg and play dead. The stakes were high for thinking of new trick.

I decided to settle on jumping over a bar – much like a horse would do when doing show jumping.

Being resourceful, two buckets and a stick used to guide the cows were pulled out of the garage to be used as my makeshift jump.

Unfortunately for you, I have the basic plan so won’t be adding a video here, but here’s a picture of how the early attempt went.

Screenshot_20200426-154215_Gallery 1

Clearly, we’ve not quite mastered it here. But that doesn’t mean it is time to stop trying. I came back to being closer to the bucket and did more guiding moves and we were back in the grove.

So, a step back is taken and the command “jump over” is given – as the photo below shows, in the space of a fun, training afternoon we have nailed teaching an old dog new tricks.


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