Tick tock

I’ve always thought of time as an odd concept. Day and night makes sense as it’s largely driven by light and dark. But then we add in the complication of seven days in a week, a slight variance of days in a month and then we create a full year. I’m not observant enough to know exactly when we complete a full orbit, but I can clearly tell when days are longer and shorter.

That was until now. Time is now even more complicated. I haven’t kept track of days in lockdown by counting, it’s a rough guestimate. But the real challenge is knowing what day of the week it is when I wake up.

This was actually something I struggled with when we had the routine of going to work, as I used to work from home on a Tuesday which left Wednesdays feeling a bit like a Sunday as I hadn’t had to commute the day before. But now we’re even more complicated with hours all blurring into days and time passing in a different fashion from before.

There are some set features to the weekly routine, from a Sunday roast to a motivational speaker at work on a Wednesday but there remains a real challenge in knowing exactly where we are.

The other issue is with dates. I used to be filling up my diary weeks in advance and knowing certain plans were booked in for certain weekends but as all travel has been suspended and social plans confined to a room with wifi it’s much harder to fix dates into the diary which means months start to pass with no real milestones or observations to notice we’re getting through it until payday hits.

This then draws me back to the thoughts at the start – about not being too sure if time remains in the right focus. I’m not going to start a pitch about why a three day weekend seems appealing, but with such a fluid concept have we got it structured right? If we actually split the year into three months rather than 12 and it more closely aligned with the equinoxes and solstices would the concept of time start to feel a bit different?

A lot of the time in our lives is in themes of 12 as it has so many multiples, which then makes 7 days in a week seem even more bizarre. But let’s not get too hung up on the quirks of time, what are you doing to help keep time pass during lock down?

5 thoughts on “Tick tock

  1. I’m a planner girl and I keep putting things in my planner. Trying to keep to old habits and routines is getting me through this. It doesn’t always succeed but it works most of the time


      1. I write different things….what we’re having for dinner, how many pages I’ll read in a book, what game we’ll play that night, what movie. It sounds silly but it’s keeping my head somewhat in the game. Don’t get me wrong…I have crappy days, but my good dats outnumber my bad ones


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