The Good Liar

Today we’re back on another book review. This time The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle.

I’ll be honest, this is my least favourite of the books I have reviewed so far. Check out the CCBC page of Catherine’s Corner to catch up on all the previous posts.

The Good Liar was made into a film in 2019 and I haven’t seen that so can’t comment on which does it better but I’ll admit I did struggle to follow the book.

The book starts with a date in which both couples reveal they hadn’t used their real names in the dating app – it’s clear, from the title and the opening that this book is going to have a few areas of deceit.

The book jumps around in time. This isn’t a bad thing but I did struggle to follow some of the characters at times and it was only until much later on that their importance to their story becomes clear. While this isn’t a problem to the story it does mean you have to concentrate a lot more for this to all work itself together.

The other challenge with the book is once I’d worked out where it was going it became quite clear that I had it right so it didn’t have the same level of twists and turns that I’d like.

There was one section that involved a motorbike crash that was quite tense but the rest of the story could have benefited from a greater hit of adrenaline here and there. If you’re looking for something to read over lockdown, there are probably better books out there but it does offer some insights into Nazi Germany that might be of interest to some.

I did say when I started the book club section of the site that I’d be travelling a lot to give me a chance to get plenty of reading done. Obviously, that isn’t happening now, but there should still be a post a month coming on books.

Right now, I’m reading Dead if you don’t by Peter James, so expect a review on that one shortly. Do let me know if you’re reading any good books and I’ll add them to the list.

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