Room with a view

Life in lockdown means those travel lovers out there have limited ability to explore the world – but what exploring can we do of our own back yard – this is meant as in surrounding area.

In the UK, we’re currently only allowed outside the house for essential travel and exercise so you can only really explore your immediate area. But for some, that level of exploring isn’t an option – you can just look outside your window.

As I mentioned in Life in lockdown I’ve returned to my parent’s home. So thought I’d share the view from my room.

These two photos were taken a couple of weeks apart. Aside from the obvious reduction in sunlight, the view has changed. The oilseed rape has now started flowering offering a nice yellow tinge to the second photo. Even with the limited time frame and viewing window the world outside continues to change.

In our usual fast-paced lifestyles these small changes can pass us by and we miss so much of the changing seasons. While so much travel has stopped, the world seems a lot quieter. Bird song (admittedly a lot of pigeons and magpies) offers another new experience to our days.

While it is easy to notice all the things the lockdown has stopped – let’s take a moment to see all the things we’d usually fly past and appreciate the little areas where nature carries on regardless.

If you’re in need of some inspiration of how to do it, even the dog is spending her days looking outside.

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