Today’s post, like last week’s focuses on an isolation activity.

This time a pub quiz. Naturally, I wasn’t in a pub for this one.

No, this quiz was undertaken from the comfort of the living room – with drinks on tap and about 20 other teams. These teams were probably smaller than a usual pub quiz team – with some solo players – but essentially whoever you were in lockdown with was who you could play with. Some people went doubly high tech and teamed up with people that they weren’t in the same room as.

We had set it up so the questions came through the TV – which made it slightly less focused on our video link into the other teams. Answer sheets were sent out in advance – and because I’m old school, we filled ours out in pen and paper which when then photo’d and emailed over to be marked and half-and-full time.

The quiz was also populated with some coronus bonus questions where we had to be quick off the draw in sending over pictures or some answers by Whatsapp. Not one to blame our tools, but I had to turn WiFi off on my phones for these questions as it couldn’t cope with video and picture sending. But we’ve already established, the rural broadband isn’t always the best.

I don’t know how long Emily and Alicia spent preparing the quiz, but the level of effort beforehand clearly showed in the thought through nature of how it ran – clearly a backup career for them if needed.

The quiz was probably received positively by me because the family team finished in third – helped with a good few bonus points!

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