Life in lockdown

So, we’re a little while into our slightly restricted lives because of coronavirus – who knows how much longer this will go on for.

While I’d love to think I’ll use all this extra time to write a number of blog posts and create a bank of content so I can go back to partying hard once the restrictions are lifted, I know that will never really happen. The idea of using this time that effectively seems unlikely with no deadline.

But I have started to channel this time into something creative – painting to process.

Once it was clear our lives were going to become more restrictive, I ordered the necessary creative supplies.


This included a plant pot – not that it’s likely a plant will survive in it for very long.

Well, we’re just over one week in and the first piece of artwork has been completed. I have noticed that because I hunch over the artwork, I probably need to do more yoga. So, if this is to become a long-term hobby, I think I’ll need to invest in an easel too.

No one really knows how long we will be staying home and staying safe so I don’t know how many pieces of artwork I’ll accrue – or if I’ll get bored and need a new hobby. But let me know in the comments below what activities you are getting involved in to help pass this time in our houses.

2 thoughts on “Life in lockdown

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