Working from home

Well, this is a change. I used to mention quite a lot on here that I had a job that required me to commute to the office – but not anymore!

I think the whole world knows we’re now in new times where working from home becomes the new normal. There’s already plenty of tips and tricks guides out there so this post isn’t going to be one of those posts.

When the working from order broke, I decided to return to the comfort of the farm. This is where the first concern came. WiFi. Rural broadband isn’t known for its speed. Well, I can confirm we have a download speed of 1Mbps – contrast that of 110Mbps of my boss who lives within London. And it should be said, this was in the room of the house where the wifi is the best. NONE is available in my room so there goes the option of working from bed.

As a team, we’ve been having morning team calls to check in with everyone and to plan activity for the day – these have been video calls so we’ve already had a few parents / partners walk in during these sessions. This led to my parents being invited onto a team call to “meet the wider team” thankfully our WiFi held up for them to get an idea of how our London and Aberdeen colleagues sound and look.

We’d only moved into our new office a couple of weeks back, to accommodate our growing team so it will be a while before we have “crisp Thursday” in the office again. And this leads us to the next challenge of working from home. Snacking. There’s rarely a day where there aren’t biscuits on our team’s table, so naturally, I’m used to a snack or two throughout the day. But mum and dad are frequently heard saying “are you eating again?” “I don’t know where you put it all” but hopefully as this period continues they stop being surprised by my appetite.

Obviously, we don’t know now how long this process will continue, but in my first job I used to work about 4 days a week from home, so I’m very accustomed to the principles of it – but I was able to go out and enjoy myself with friends of evenings and weekends. Luckily, I’ve started doing more reading to provide you with regular book reviews on Catherine’s Corner – so that’s one way to help pass the time. Future blog posts will also cover other activity that’s been undertaken to keep us entertained over the coming weeks and hopefully, your Tuesday lunchtimes continue to be well entertained by Catherine’s corner!

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