Nine perfect strangers

I’m back reviewing again!
This time it is nine perfect strangers by Liane Moriarty.
I was recently up in Aberdeen for work, and saw this being advertised alongside Richard and Judy’s book club – so one of us has good taste!
I’m never really sure what to include in a review to give people enough of a taste to want to read it without sharing too much.
But what I will tell you, is that as I started to read it I decided I needed to go on a health retreat. My life isn’t a car crash like it is for some of the characters drawn out within the book but a lot of the benefits seemed like something I needed.
One thing I enjoyed about this book was that each character seemed fully formed, small little details included that you thought fit how they had been mentioned or described before. The book also jumps around narrator allowing us to get the perspective of a number of different characters within the book.

No spoilers, but by the end, I decided a trip to a health spa might not be the best idea – or all that is cracked up to be.
The story does feature an element of silent retreat which allows the author to create an internal monologue without any dialogue between the characters which does add an interesting dynamic to the book.
It does also cover off some serious issues and how it impacts people around you – most notably suicide.
I would fully recommend this as a read – maybe even one to take on your next silent retreat? I could also see this working well as a film – so read it before so you can comment on whether the book or film is better!
Next up, I’ll be reading the good liar and you can expect a review in a good few weeks.

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