The overdue life of Amy Byler

I promised you new things for 2020 and here is another one!
Welcome to CCBC – Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club!
Essentially, I’ll review a book every month or so and let you know what I’m currently reading.
It’s at this point, I should warn you that book reviews delivered at school weren’t met with some of the gushing praise other pieces of work were. I’m also a slow reader, which combined with an active social life might mean these reviews get spread out a little further. I do have a few journeys planned so might be able to crack on with some prolonged reading on those days.
The first book to feature in Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club is The overdue life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms.
If you wanted a quick one-line review I’d say “the ideal feel-good summer read” but unfortunately you didn’t come here for a one-line review so read on to find out a little more.
This book will introduce a new word to your vocabulary “momaspringa” which might give some inspiration to people of a certain age to regain some of their youth.
The one thing that I really rated about this book, was the strength of female characters – this is a book where women are essentially the dominant characters, and while there is the obvious nod to the fact that they’re mums and seemingly need to talk about men a lot, they’re still well formed personalities.
The book is also clearly written with modern times in mind with tweets included in the book and if you were to pick it up in a shop and flick through the pages and you’ll be greeted by a few different fonts as the book also covers off texting conversations in a different font. This variety of communication methods in the book helps keep it fast paced and also helps to bridge a lot of geographies seamlessly keeping the characters separate but involved with each other. I quite liked this approach and it ensures a number of different voices within the book.
Overall, a good read and would recommend.
Next up, I’ll be reviewing Nine Perfect Strangers – hoping this will be with you in a good few weeks.
For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll notice a new page at the top of the blog “CCBC” where you can keep up to date on all the reading updates.

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