It’s like the Sahara

If you’re looking for a metaphor for how dry my month has been – it’s like the Sahara is what I’d offer up.

As mentioned in Ideas are drying up I decided to undertake dry Jan this year. I’m gleefully writing this on a Saturday morning without a hangover – which has been a frequent occurrence previously.

I actually found dry Jan easier than I thought I would – that’s working in PR where Friday drinks are handed out in the office, attending networking events, having a “Christmas party” which was postponed due to the election and going home for dad’s birthday. 

One of the biggest changes that dry Jan made, was the cut back on takeaway. Quite frequently when going for office drinks on a Friday I’ll take a trip home via the kebab shop and have some chicken nuggets, chips and garlic mayo for my supper. I know this isn’t the healthiest option but a few wines / proseccos / ciders / shots down in the pub and the thought of boiling some pasta just seems too much, so naturally, a takeaway is needed.

I also attended two networking events during January – it was here where the lack of booze was missed the most. At the first event, cans of coke or water were the only soft drinks available – these just don’t appeal quite like a crisp glass of white wine. The second event has squash and Pepsi on offer. Again, not quite the appealing drink I want! I did find myself leaving networking events slightly earlier than I usually would – but that could be more symptomatic of how busy work has been this January rather than the lack of the booze.

As the rugby returns to our screens with the six nations, day drinking will return to my weekends and hungover weekends will probably be resented once more. Clearly, dry Jan hasn’t resulted in a dry life but it hasn’t given me two weeks of blog content – so we’ll count it as a win!

Let me know in the comments below, if you did dry Jan and if it’s made you change your long term relationship with booze.

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