a sMASHing game

No, I’ve not forgotten how to use capitals, but mash here is important.

That’s because the game I want to introduce you to is called the potato game.

Boxing Day 2019 was when my cousin introduced me to the potato game. Her children were excited to play it and it was hyped up throughout the lunch.

My cousin then brings with her a full bag of potatoes – some sweet, some regular – and raids the kitchen for two good-sized saucepans.

And walks us to the lounge.

At this point, I’m still not entirely sure what we’ve let ourselves in for, but I’m glad I have a backup game in case this doesn’t turn out well.

I’m not the first into the lounge and walk in to find grown men, in what can only be described as, waddling. This game is certainly an after-dinner game.

In essence, you squeeze a potato between your bum, walk across the room and drop it into the saucepan – quite the squat is needed to perfect the drop too.

But like any good game, there is a competitive element too. We decided to make this a team game and split into two teams of 9. Here, is where the slight confusion over the rules let us down. We all picked a potato and waddled to the saucepan before dropping a potato.

On the other team, one person missed the saucepan but didn’t seem to go again so the next team member went – I’m not an expert so didn’t ask for VAR in this instance – it also helped that my team was also quicker! But in a relay race if the swimmer doesn’t touch the wall, you don’t go, so I feel like missing the pan was key.

It’s a simple game, and maybe one you’ll want to use at the next family gathering to prevent conversations about Brexit. I’d argue if the member of your team fails to land it in the saucepan you should go back and pick another potato before continuing through the team relay. Or you could set a time limit and see who gets the most potatoes in during the time and then you could relay without going back for missed saucepans.

The game was brought out again a few days later with other family members and played slightly differently. This time there was; one saucepan, two people, and a straight head to head race to drop the potato.

Let me know if you try the game out and what variations you come up with.

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