Look back on 2019

This will be the 156th post on Catherine’s Corner and will provide you with a look back on 2019.

2019 was an unusual year for the blog as I took a break – a long, hot summer but that didn’t seem to drastically reduce overall viewing figures. Before posting this post, I’m about 100 views less than last year so maybe this “first” on the blog might be brought back next year to give me more time to think of topics to rant about.

I’m not a fan of spoilers, but I can confirm 2020 will also feature a “first” for Catherine’s Corner, but you’ll have to wait until next year to find out what this is.

This year has also seen more people get a name check within the blog – this has also increased the desire of people to get a name check in my blog – some have even said “even a passing mention will do” – I’m hoping that will keep them quiet for a few more weeks!

I know a lot of my followers (over 40 new ones this year too, so welcome all!) are a fan of some interesting stats and statistics. So here we go

I’ve had my best ever day on my blog this year – 3rd September 2019.

This coincides with the posting of my most viewed post this year – all about me winning a rounders league.

Interestingly, my second most viewed post this year was content that wasn’t written this year, but has been shared in the office a few times hence the popularity of this one!

The link most clicked on from posts this year is the one to sign up to give blood, so I can only assume my blog can now be classed as a force for good. If you’re looking to add to this trend, you can check it out here https://www.blood.co.uk/

My blog has been viewed in 35 different countries this year – the UK has led the way.

Before this post, I’ve just tipped over the 17,000 word mark typed on the blog this year, which have earned, on average, 4 likes per post.

But there is more to life than stats and blog posts and this year has seen a number of highs and lows – as you already know I’ve won a rounders league and started a new job. But tragically earlier this year, my cousin, Max Hunter, committed suicide. He was a larger than life character who lived life to the full.

The new year can pose many challenges to individuals and there are plenty of organisations who are able to help you. Papyrus aims to prevent young suicide – you can find out more about their work here. Alternatively, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 if you are struggling.

We’ll be starting 2020 by walking in memory of Max, while raising funds for Papyrus.

Catherine’s Corner will be back again next week, kicking off 2020 with yet another post – I hope you’ll be there to enjoy the ride into the new decade.


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