Do you take?


“Do you take Amex?” Has become a question I ask quite a lot more now.

A couple of months back, I took the plunge to get an American Express credit card. Greatly boosted with a cheeky ten-pound cashback from Quidco for my troubles.

Since then, I’ve used my new card to get me home for the weekend, stock up on the tins in the cupboard – not just in case we have a no-deal Brexit and to keep my Oyster card topped up.

It has, however, failed to buy me a specially made sub for my lunch and some new clothes. I knew when arranging the card it wasn’t universally accepted and where I can I frantically search to see if the Amex logo is displayed so I know it is accepted. 

But, that isn’t always possible. I tend to assume a smaller, independent retailer won’t accept it so take another card or cash out with me so I will be able to pay. But, if I can use it, I do want to so I can continue to rack up that cashback. This leads me to ask where it isn’t clear and I become one of those people who says “do you take American Express?”.

This becomes pretty key when in the first three months I’m treated to boosted cashback up to a total cashback earn of £100. 

In fear of sounding all Martin Lewis, this is only worth it if you pay it off in full every month. It’s also worth echoing him to say you should only use the cards on usual spending and not buying things you can’t afford or don’t need just to get the cashback.

But, when I’m buying food, travel or other essential items it’s always night to get that little boost, which is partly why I checked it was accepted in some of my more frequent spends.

For the rest, I’ll stick to being that person at the table who asks if Amex is accepted.

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