What’s your number?

And no, this isn’t the most direct chat up line available! This is a post that is far more work orientated.
Today’s post is about the frustration I face when I can’t find the number of someone I want to call.
There’s this fantastic invention called a signature. While for some, this is a scribble you make when receiving certain items in the post. For others, it is a key part of sharing contact details. The old faithful – email signature.
So why, oh why, do people not put their number in them? I don’t want to track back through my emails to find your name to find your number isn’t in your signature. Or worse still, you never seem to email with a signature – isn’t this a crucial part of being an employee?
I must admit, I have it set that my signature is only included by default on emails that I send first, it won’t appear by default on emails where I reply to you. However, if this is a person that I haven’t spoken to before I will sometimes add in my signature so they have my number. I guess you could say I’m considerate like that! It also means they can call me to save the time needed to reply to my email that contains far more questions than anyone wants to reply to in one go.
Quite often, I’m in a position where a certain individual hasn’t responded to me for a while so I feel like I need to get them on the phone so they find it harder to ignore me and yet I waste so long trying to find their number that it would have been quicker to email them asking them to call me.
I suppose, as our lives become increasingly mobile, people think that I’ll automatically save their number into my phone. However, I live my life with a desk phone and that is a level of phone knowledge I’m yet to master, so I’d like it if everyone could make sure in at least one email per week to me it includes their number.
I’d like to thank everyone for their cooperation to make my life easier.

5 thoughts on “What’s your number?

      1. You’re definitely not, and definitely you’re an outlier. No one your age uses the phone!! My daughter would rather bang her head against a wall compared to phoning someone


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