Free for all

Sorry Call of Duty fans, this isn’t a post about a game type. But it isn’t that far off.
No today’s post is more centred on sport.
The BBC likes to talk about its “be inspired” programme to encourage more of us to get into sport, but is having the likes of the ashes series behind a paywall the best way to encourage this?
Don’t get me wrong, watching cricket for five days straight with limited action points isn’t my idea of a good few days, but there are some outstanding displays of skills, tactics and sledging visible in the full match that a 45-minute highlight show just can’t cover. The growth of social media does allow for some key moments to go viral to give people a window into the game, but should more be done to encourage people to take up the sport?
We also need to consider who needs to be inspired. Bluntly, the whole world isn’t going to take up cricket. There might be a few mid-life crisis types who decide to take up the sport following a viewing of the series, but we’re really trying to get young people involved and possibly those who haven’t had the privilege of going to a school that has space for a cricket pitch. This is why it is so important they can see role models on the TV for them to say to mum and dad ” I want to grow up and be Ben Stokes or Jofra Archer” but instead, cricket is a closed-off option for them.
This is why sport should be free for all. And no, this doesn’t need to just be the ashes or the world cup, which is great telly. But we should also be celebrating the less glamorous end of the spectrum, nothing gives football fans more to cheer than when a nobody club is through to the FA Cup third round and taking on a huge name. Those players might only turn up to training once a week and hold a more regular job down during the week, but they are the people we can aspire to be like too.
Sport is something that can have a huge impact on people’s lives and we need to ensure that seems accessible to all and that a wide variety of activities are shown on TV that is free for all to view. Heck, you never know, they might join a rounders league and finish the summer as league champions!

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